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Thank you for taking time to stop by. I appreciate it ^^


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the page so keep scrolling! :)

I am Vespera..

I bring you the things you are looking for:

Clothing - Rooms - Hair - Eyes - Furniture

- No drama wanted or needed -

Thank you for taking time to stop by.

Not much to tell you about myself TBH.
Im a mother of an individual on the spectrum.
Im single.
I am a bisexual female. If you need a safe place to be becuase you are also
in the LGBTQ Community ALL my rooms are safe zones.
No bullying or bashing allowed within my pixel walls.
Im too old for games and drama so dont bring them around me.
I love to create here on IMVU as a form of stress relief and just because I enjoy it.
I do accept custom orders. Not too many of them. But
they do occur.
I do Furniture, rooms, hair, eyes, skins, some clothing items.
I dabble in Pixel/Badging nothing too extensive.

Favorite color: purple
Favorite animal: Cats / Butterflies
Things that I enjoy: Music ( I listen to so many types), Movies, Reading, Making pretty things, And I love intellagent conversations. Even fun and lively debates.

But drama of ANY kind gets you booted

I hate very few, and forgive more than I should, and I believe in those who shouldnt be.
I do not waste energy that I could use creating
things on negative ventures.

Want to know more than that.. come talk to me on one of my 3 accounts. DeathsButterfy and Cybastien as well as Vespera ^^ <3.

PEOPLE AND GROUPS I SUPPORT.. why because they are awesome.. duh!

I will be adding the individual inks soon!!

PlagueDoctor: She makes a litte bit of everything from Pixels for badges to some awesome clothes

SweetCryssy: my sistah from anudder muther and leg humper makes totally awesome clothing and accesories

Lipstick: THIS LADY ROCKS.. she makes a lot of my HP's and FB Art. Check her out!!

Pony: AGAIN!! THIS WOMAN ROCKS MY SOCKS!! She is a talented artist who like Lipstick do most of my DPs.

Delure: AWESOME MESHER of all kinds of cool things!!

Heave: Awesome artist who make beautiful sketches that I throw at Lipstick and Pony.

Lex: Another awesome aritst who is coming into her own.

SherAV: She helps feed my badge addiction

Satanist: Okay this man has some seriously awesome dark badges.. check him out!!


My People.. My Loves.. just flat mine...
My Loves:

P.I.T.A: My RL Cybastien. You know who you are.. and you know what you mean to me. You DJ'd in the rain for me..I danced for you. Now I will hold the candle in your storm.. My Diablo partner, my maple meanie.. my D.J. The stealer of blankets and Mnt Dews.. You are the best. ♥

Viessa: My wolf ladeh <3 You’ve always been there to keep me upright and make me laugh. Your belief in me and your unwavering confidence and love have kept smiles on my face and happiness in my heart when all else bailed and run.

Ryth: Another one of the people said hated me who actually took time to listen to me and believe in me. You helped with the truth and never deviated.

SweetCryssy: My sistah from anudder muther.. you crack me up and make me smile with your humping XD may we forever be friends!!!

EpicUndead: My Favorite Undead Bodey Painter -rawr- Lets paint...-snickers- ??

Waldgeist: my crazy friend... I hope to be there when you learn to smile again. Because the world needs your smile!! ??

Dragonized: Well, how would I put you. You are the Chaos in my life that I will always be here for. You may be an asshole and have a rough demeanor but you will always be my dj'ers!! I would reload for you in a firefight and guard your back if needed mister!!

MorteD`Amour: Natie.. you have been a god send really. Lovely conversations,Sharing music with me. Sharing art, giving me ideas... You keep me grounded and make me feel safe. For that I will forever be greatful I took a chance and talked to you. Enjoy the pixels XD

Morgue Baylor: Another newbie to the list of Ves.. you have always been super sweet and supportive to me and I will forever be thankful for you and the encouragements you offer! Just know Im here if you need :)

Occultism: The happy sad clown. You're always made me laugh and always been there for me even if it was just to make me laugh or smile. Thank you so much. I will always be there for you. Im always a click away :D

I used to have a whole list of people who I would have taken a bullet for. That list keeps dwindling more and more. But for those on this list.. You all are my reasons for smiling. For waking up in the morning with a smile knowing you all are here and will always be. For any of you I would take a bullet happily!

Under Construction.. :)

I do Pixel Art, HP Art, Banners, Icons and create textures for IMVU

I will post a few examples of pixel art I have done. You can find most witin my group. Color in the Darkness ^^ I made all the graphics for this HP

New products submitted almost daily!! Derivable Meshes and lots lots more!! Check my catalog for new and interesting things!!
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