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"Suo mihi in vorago."

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About Me:
I am am a proud father of identical twin boys. They are 6 now. :) I am in Medical School full time currently. That takes up almost all my time. However, you might be able to convince me to share what time I have free with you. :) Just ask. I love to chat and meet new people. If you can hold my attention, and I'm not busy with them, I'm sure we can have a great time.
Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Looking For: Chatting
My Interests

Anything with the kids... I love my boys to death, and have to as I am all they have. Other than that, I enjoy movies, music, reading, playing guitar and piano, writing, and working on a low budget slasher flick I've been filming. And cooking. Yes, I know it's usually a chore, but I have fun with it, and make dinner time a family thing, where the kids and I sit and enjoy it together. I speak 9 languages, so if you wanna chat but don't speak English, IM me anyway. :)

Favorite Things:
I live in the night (you will hardly see me during the day, unless it's for the kids) I absoultely love cemetaries, castles, anything outdoors really, but those are the top two. I enjoy staying at my log cabin when it snows and sitting in front of a fire.

Well, call me a poser if you wish, but I am not always decked out in all black. I wear a suit and tie to work (I do Johnny Cash that up though). When out with the kids, sometimes it's just jeans and a t-shirt. The majority of my extensive wardrobe however is Leather, Silk, Mesh, Fishnet Tops, Velvet (Crushed and Standard), and lots of black. I own many pairs of boots. I also have a lot of costumes that I've made over the years, mostly reinactment things, some halloween, some every day. I was a member of the SCA, and from that, I have an entire Noble's outfit, based upon German Dark Ages designs. I have several suits of armor that I forged. Though my favorite pieces are my latex prothetics. I've made a wide assortment, and the latest was a necrophim.

As for the kinky side... to many things to name. LOL. I am a freak. ;) I love biting (I have fangs) and pain, inflicting and receiving. It is the truest form of any enjoyment if you mix pain and pleasure. Though I am also the sensitive type at times, and this feeds off the mood of the one I am with. Yeah yeah, call me a hopeless romantic, I don't care. :P I do enjoy the holding hands and walking through the park, cuddling on the couch while watching a movie, and waking her up with breakfast in bed.
Aquarius, United States - KY <3 My Children<3 Creating.Piano. Guitar. Music. Writing. Camping. Hiking.
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