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well well well, isnt it my angel again?
im a Polish student, living in Wales who is renowned for being warm and open minded (big headed too, but only a bit hehe). i like to talk to people, and be nice in general. i dont fake my feelings, and i dont lie openly. if you want to talk, message me. hope to talk to you soon =) im still a noob, so dont treat me diff to n e one else, i just managed to get a lil attention from ppl ^_^ (that was posted over 2 years ago... my, how things have changed *smile*) So yeah, im no longer a "noob" neither have I gotten just a little attention. I used to know the girl that was no.1 chatter, no.1 visited page and no.1 friends. who is she? Juliecheerlieds. Believe it or not, a long while back she was the person everyone wanted to know. The most expensive items were no more than 3K credits and even those were "massive" rooms and highly anticipated by the public. oh yeah, there were no promo or normal credits. it was all the same. developers got ripped off but still prospered and IMVU didn't get as much money as planned. sure, things change. for the better and the worse. one thing I like now, is that people have to be on your friends list before you can do the "up close" actions. was funny to see people start a chat with you, kiss you, grope you and the go. funny for me, but more annoying to people who actually care about their avi. how did I get so many gifts? well, my friends decided that I needed something more than just a simple "thank you" note after talking to me and bam! theres another gift. Fact! 99% of these stickers were given to me. I am still very thankful to Omniscient for manking my name for me. Was very sweet of her. Another person I would like to thank is Alyshandra. She is a multi tallented woman in not just poetry, art and designing she is very affectionate and close to those she cares about. She is someone I aspire in my own poetry, as it is far different in style and deapth to what I create. Lets see, anything else to add? I used to be really active on here yet now... it is more of a media for me to keep in touch with my friends (something I'm doing very baddly at). If you truly want to chat to me, please leave me a msg saying what time your on (with time zone e.i. GMT) and I will see what I can do *smile* So welcome to the zone of Valeria a.k.a. -- the poet -- and enjoy what was once a pretty decent profile.
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TYLKO MLEKO W TUBCE NAJLEPSZEJ JAKOSCI!!!! poejza to jak powietrze, jest jej od cholery. ale malo jest tej dobrej :P 20 so far ^_^ Selfish - devoid of consideration for the selfishness of others Sabbath - a weekly festival having its origin in the fact that God made the world in six days and was arrested on the seventh (lmfao i had to post this one :P )

well is it sad that i listen to my voice msges more than once when i get them? no, its just the fact they mean something to me :)
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Lori, thank you for your care and for your support when i needed it.
Robin, your words always managed to make me smile, thank you.
Kath, only a huggy can tell you how much i appreciate all youv done, thank you ^_^
Vicky, thank you for your personal care. i honestly dont know where i would be without your caring txts. thank you hun
Michelle, thank you for your help with my page and the support iv recieved from you. glad i made you smile :)
Kellye, it really is a pleasure meeting you as you are openminded and really easy going. our talks always reveal more about oursleves, and i enjoy that. thanks for being here ^_^
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don't buy me gifts. i can't use the imvu software here, so its a waste of your time. seriously, just spend the credits on yourself, thanks
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Hey hey, thanx for showing an interest. nice to see new faces here hehe d-_-b i know mine will be here for a long time hehe. ok, dont forget to check out my blog, it has some of my poems ^_^ just enjoy the page, and tell me if you liked something or not. thnx again *waves*
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