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Avatar since: 2006-08-11
Age: 28
United States - IN
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"hey lets chat =)"

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Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Chatting
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Goth Monique<U>Mya Blond NO.2<U>Mya Blond w/blue<U>Mya Blond w/ purple<U>Mya Blond<U>Mya Blond w/ red
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*dl The BloosMORF Starfish Sun Dress[PP]Bikini:PinkPolkaDots() Punk Diva Outfit 2.0*sl* Skull Tank black
{J} Purple Punk OutfitHighTops -Simple Cool-T| Green Toxic TulleT| Green Toxic LingerieSkelanimal Corset
*dl Cutie Tank Paws+BW buckle straps top+[FF]Dress:Strawberry!*S Silk Brown Scene[TCS]PinkStripeKittyHood
$lu BellyPiercingRAINBOWa| emma: saemi.spacerspacerspacer
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The Mechanical Doll Syndicate

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Catbones - Let's Talk Graphics

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IMVU Stamp Club

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Tiigerlilly Update Group

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The GIMP Love Shack

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Bling Addicts Anonymous

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The Ultimate Challange

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Developing 101

813 posts from 327 members
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1427 posts from 617 members
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Puma's Developers Club

21610 posts from 17760 members
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Developers University

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