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Catalog closed as I am gone for good LIVIN THE REAL LIFE
Relationship Status: Married
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TO ALL WHO VISIT MY PAGE: if you are an ex, a gf of an ex step off. I am done, I don't want any of my ex's back. I have made my life as i so wish it and I will always be with my Dog and faithful to him. Don't like it oh well deal. None fully understand why I sit here and refuse to divorce him though he has been known to play or leave imvu for while. I will not taint a beautiful memory or what he has done for me. Besides he always comes home to me each time and The promises we made will be kept til a real man finds my heart. I am no longer seekin anyone in the imvu world.

To marry the man who has stolen my heart and understands me for me, accepts my faults and helps me achieve my dreams. As well as puts me first above all others and shows me each day I am his one and only, To be embraced in his loving arms each nite as I sleep, to feel his love even when apart come across as we speak on the phone, to support him as he supports me in all we try to do is the ultimate dream.

My past is my past no I was not perfect nor do I ever claim I was. I made mistakes and paid for them. Please just leave me be. I barely come online in this avi now, I only use this one for developin or visitin a couple friends. I'm not lookin nor do I wish to, I am happy as I am for now. I want no reminders of my dumb past or bad relationships. I know my destiny and I accept it. Good Luck to those still spyin on me I hold no ill will but I do not want contact again.
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I am no longer accepting custom orders. I do know several devs who'd gladly take any you wish. I am only comin on to check messages from this point forward.

Me and my hubby Dog have left imvu cept for keepin up with messages. I will leave my page and his in memory of the wonderful times we have had here, also of the wonderful memories of us.

Any sales I have I send on to some special devs to help support them, either to get them off the ground or continue their awesome work. I have also given permission for select few to use my textures only for themselves. If they or I find them anywhere else we will take it thru the proper channels.

Good luck to those I knew and those I stay in contact with. I am happy where I am now.
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Fire Dragon Portrait
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My badges will not be autogranted any further thx to one illegally takin badges from many who work hard at it. Who sell there badges to help pay the cost of a badge.

A badge costs 100,000 credits when not on sale, it costs 50,000 credits when on sale. Even those who have vip pay 45K on sale. Now this is each little square badge if this badge has say 2 squares double that cost. I don't agree with ppl thinkin our badges should be free.

Badges are used for many reason, some sell them with full alphabets, that dev did not have to make them and it cost them 100K per letter. Do the math. Some pay others to make images, some just for us to enjoy and speak our minds, i.e. each badge in mine means somethin, even devs I support. Some are mystery badges and can only be found when you finally discover the persons page and we are not supposed to reveal it. It's the thrill of the hunt. I refuse to be part of anythin I consider theft of good devs.
This user has no badges available for auto granting.
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This is my Banner as well as Developers I truly support, their work is high quality. Though at moment got to rebuild it, I opsied n deleted this box by mistake


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