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Stalker...Hello and welcome to my page.

My name is Jazmin. I am 25 years old and I love many things. Some of them are: anime, cosplay, autumn, favorite food would be Sushi,Asian cuisine, Mexican food, Italian food and a certain strawberry ;)

My friend, lover, mistress and future wife Ichigop. Nothing is nicer than having someone who appreciates you in the smallest things, accepts you in times of hardships, comforts you when you are troubled, loves you no matter what and is simply happy to have you in their life

I periodically add new products. As I am busy for the most part, in my free time I develop.

Check out my catalogue! :)

I'm very busy so I haven't worked on new products in a while but I hope to go back to developing very soon :)
Modern Tokyoskeletal saxophoneskeletal dummerskeletal bassLava skinUber lava horns

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