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Welcome! Thank you for visiting my homepage, here are some rules: No Random Adds
No Begging
No Asking For My Badges
No Stealing
No Drama
No Bribing
I mostly focus on badging and creating on here. My messages are usually open to everyone BUT if one day it isn't try checking pulse because I pulse daily. If you are interested in trading badges know that I only exchange for badges of equal size or price and ONLY if I like the badge. I hope everything written here is understood, if so have a look around!

Hello creatures of the night and you lovely little ghouls. I am called many things, though you may call me Tsuki or Moon. I am the age you see on my card, born in Chicago Illinois. I'm not going to bore you with my thoughts of the world but I will enlighten you on some information about me, stay with me now. I don't like to bore my audience, so tell me if you found my about me boring. Now, now don't go and do that, I feel like I will provide you with anything your heart desires to know about me. If not your heart, then that lovely mind of yours.
I am female, well duhh silly. I am a Virgo that means I am a earth sign. I am not one to dive into astrology but I feel like my sign fits me 100%. I am strong minded, hot headed, I make a good friend; the type to be at your side to just tell you how much you messed up in your life. All with good motives and judgement I promise. I am very logical, I am not one you should come to with love and your feelings. I am only going to attempt to put order in your life. I enjoy conversation of worth, to challenge me mentally you can almost have me. Though I am constantly hungry for a male or female to crave that inner mentality I seek for my brain.
Have you guessed it? Yes! I am bisexual and I am not ashamed to state this. I am also agnostic though I've recently grown interested in Satanism. As funny as that might seem I am always open minded to things and I fear that might be my undoing. Nonetheless, I can't help but give my mind what it craves, so I have no issue with people who believe in such things. Though I don't think I have to worry about Christianity on this site I get enough of that from my parents.
Okay, moving on. I am the oldest out of ten. Do not freak out, I was in the system since I was four and we all were separated. I am currently living back in Chicago, single but not looking. My love tab is reserved for the father of my child, my ex fiance. Though we didn't work out he's still in my heart and the only male I've known worth while on here.
Lastly, I enjoy many things. Drawing, painting, writing poetry, writing erotica, writing in general really. I am very creative verbally and writing my thoughts on paper or in this case over the internet is where I shine most. I enjoy anime, cartoons and some real shows. Real shows like Bones, Supernatural, Castle and anything dealing with real life drama/crimes or supernatural events. When it comes to things on IMVU, I like to badge and create. If you want to know me, feel free to inbox me. Most of the time my inbox is set to everyone and if it's not I pulse everyday so try to comment on one. (just not my ADs)

Do you give your badges away for free?
Not upon requests, you may see me gifting my badges and other badges over pulse.
Do you gift?
Only if I'm hosting games over pulse or gifting friends.
Can I get some credits?
Do you make custom products?
Only custom hair colors from derivable hairs.
Lost my account, can I get the badge I bought on my new account?
If you have proof the account was yours, if not sorry no.
Are you single in real life?
Yes, I'm not looking for anything on here though.

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"Even if you lose and die, you're still valuable as an experimental sample. I won't let you go to waste!" - Tsunenaga Tamaki
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