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Never forsake who you are for the sake of others.
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Please do not add me or leave a message unless it is a help inquiry. All Help Inquiry's shall be sent in forms of public homepage messages. I will not respond to ANY private messages from Minors.Thank you for your understanding.

Do not send chain messages, or spam to me. I don't enjoy it and I find it to be rude - no matter how cute, warming, or heartfelt they are. Chain Letters violate the IMVU TOS, so don't send them to me. I will either delete the message, report you, or block you. Depending upon my mood I may do all three. Do not even consider making the mistake of spamming my page.

Credit Beggars be warned - I will report you, ignore you, and ban you. The credits I have which come from product sales I sell/convert to Second Life Lindens. Don't ask me for credits, don't ask me for gifts - I no longer use IMVU and I won't be going out of my way to purchase gifts for people - that simply puts more profits in the hands of a company that doesn't deserve it. Ultimately, it is in your BEST INTEREST not to violate the TOS by harassing me for credits and/or items.

Home Page Griefers
This homepage will never have inappropriate content on it. There is nothing here that violates the IMVU TOS or the Virtual Goods Content Policy. If you find something on my page that offends you, close my page and do not return. Its simply that easy.
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Special Someone
My beautiful and lovely wife, Raine.
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Nocturnal Designs
First and foremost, thank you for your interest in my products. Your support and purchases have been appreciated, and will continue to be. However, I will no longer be developing any new products for IMVU as I have moved on to greener pastures. I will continue to provide support for my current products however. If you have any issues with them, please leave me a message and I will respond. Please remember to leave feedback on my product's catalog page after you've purchased it and used it.

Thank You,
Tristan Lawksley

Developer Update
I am currently updating my product pages in IMVU's Catalog. I do not have an estimate for when they will be finished and caught up - but I'll drop a line here so that everyone knows. To those of you who own any of my sticker products - I have hid their product pages and they will continue to remain hidden. Thank you for your business.
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