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Welcome to my page. My name is Todoroki Shoto (轟焦凍).
Most of my time is spend in my rooms, or the rooms of friends.
We often play games, talk on Discord, and watch movies together.

DM me if you have questions about my badges.

I like making badges... and creating new pixel art designs.

I play Minecraft (Java), Genshin Impact, and Phasmophobia.

I will not accept random friend requests.
My "Exclusive" friend badge is reserved for close personal friends, or selective trade offers.
- I will accept selective badge trades for exclusives, do not feel bad if I decline.

Likes: Soba, tempura yam, sleeping in, playing with friends, badge culture.
Dislikes: Fujo culture, predators (and those who support them), drama.

My Guardians:
XBakugoKatsukiX, JilIValentine

PuppyKerry, XBakugoKatsukiX, xMirkox, TariaKarasu, Ikuri, Onalia,
MrCrow, MrButton, AratakiItto, JilIValentine, Asticot, Vyxophrenia, XoxIzukuXox, PaperCrane, xChronostasis.

Take a look at these shops:
MrCrow, MrButton, XBakugoKatsukiX, Onalia, Thugisa
Strawberry Cream Sandwich (Vodka) - Is now complete. Shiberry Bites(TuChicaFavoritaSoy), and Calico Boba(Magical) in DON Phase.... Upcoming Forest Wolf Divider set.
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