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Name : Toci
date of Birth: 30 July 1989
Avatar since 19 March 2013

1. Those rare and special close friends that I have on IMVU are the only ones that are entitled to my time. I am busy in real, I work a lot, and may not be at my client for days at a time. I try to read messages and reply as often as I can. but I do have a life outside of IMVU, please respect that, and don't get upset if I don't respond for a day or two. (Real and closest IMVU friends are under tab "FRIENDS" , warning; This tab can and will be edited often)

2. I have a lot of friends here, and I like to respect them by devoting my entire attention to them... this means if I'm DND or creating, I'm usually with someone else, developing, or in a public room. Feel free to PM me, and I may just be available.

3. There is nothing worse than chatting with someone, and they go away for an extended period of time. If you are going to leave a chat, give me a brb or something to let me know. I know the client is buggy, and you may leave without me knowing. At any rate, after about 10 minutes, if you haven't talked to me, I'm going to leave. Why? See #1 above.

4. If I leave you unexpectedly, I generally try to come back, unless it's really late and I need some rest. either way, I'll generally leave you a message, explaining things. I hope that you too leave the same for me.

5. I am a generous person. But I do not suffer the beggars of the world. I will more than likely give presents when I'm able. This does not mean that you can ask. A gift is not a gift when you ask for it, plain and simple. Want to get on my bad side? Lose me as your friend? Just ask for a gift, and see how quickly that happens!

6. Like anyone, I consider gifts a very nice surprise - but you don't need to buy me anything. A well thought out message gets my attention just as much as a gift. Maybe even more so. If you are so inclined, the list is down there somewhere (and that's why it is down there, and not up here... just not that important to me).

7. Chain letters? Don't even. I will not gain anything from this, and the only thing that will happen to you is that I will report+block you. You don't get anything for free in this world.

8. My Messages is just that "my messages" I may leave some on, I may take some off. Do not be offended if your message disappears... Sometimes I just need to cool my head a bit.

9. My friend list is just "MY" friend list. I arrange it the way I want to. if you see yourself great, if you don't, don't worry, I know how to find you. I arrange my page to suit me, and not anyone else (I'm just egotistical that way). It is not a popularity contest.



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31st May 2021
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