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Hey I'm Tibix. You can usually find me in "Fuzzbutts"
If Your Looking for comission Prices they are as follows
All Comissions Are Gifted To You
Basic Bundle: 50$ USD (Includes Skin, Kini, Hair, Ears, Tail, +2 Extras Of Your Choice)
Couples Bundle: 80$ USD (Includes 2 Skins, 2 Kini, 2 Hairs, Ears, Tail, +4 Extras Of Your Choice)
Neko Bundle: 10$ USD (Includes Hair, Ears, Tail, +1 Extra Accessory. <--THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE SKIN!!!)
Extras: 2-5$ USD Depending
Prices are subject to change depending on difficulty
All cash transactions are via paypal (or sellfy.com for people who dont have/cant use a paypal account For any reason)
Screenshots will be provided when asked and throughout the painting process. All items will be approved By you before I submit with final screenshots. I have the Right to deny any comissions.
Please Provide Proof Of Ownership Of Your Designs.
I Have The Right To Deny Any Comissions
Hey I'm Tibix.
I'm pretty laid back, weird, and super friendly.
Most Days I'm Hung up in "Fuzzbutts" creating or afk dealing with my kids.
Taken by my Bestfriend and Fiancee: Monster,
My Zodiac is ♋Cancer in every way
I am a stay at home Mother of 2 boys so life can get pretty hectic at times
I've Been Deving/Creating On IMVU for 7 years and I don't plan to ever stop
The Love of my life: ♡Monster
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Deatris The FuzzButts Mascot
Matt My good and long time friend.
And all ya'll weirdos in fuzzbutts
My Shop
^My Shop^
Custom Pvc Recolors.
2K Per item
Item will be gifted to you upon Purchase And will be publicly available for everyone to purchase
Bottoms Come in 3 sizes
RLL, RL, and RLS
Please Message and specify what size(if applicable) and color you would like when ordering.
I would prefer to keep the recolors to public furs that i have created in the past (or clothing) but i am open to other color suggestions that are basic obviously
(html codes are HIGHLY welcomed for custom colors that i have not previously used)
This Offer extends to my GA V style pants, GA v2 V style pants, GA V style shorts, GA Heart boots, AP heart thong, GA Heart Panties, AP heart Bikini Top, AP Tube top, GA Nurse abbie tops.
Note You Must own AP to purchase or commission an AP item to recolor. I will NOT make a AP item GA for you.
Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com
^Donations and Support Blog^
I'd Like to Thank all My Fans for their Continued Support and Love over the years. Thank You Guys You're awesome. You Guys are the reason I love creating things so much. I can't say thank you enough
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Current Project: Check My discord
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My Shop
Ello the names Tibix. I have a unique mind and think outside the box. If you get to know me i'm sure you'll never forget me. I am always looking for new fur ideas so drop one by me every now and then. I do take requests occasionally, and commissions. My current going rates are 25k for OPEN Customs, 45k for OPEN couple customs, 30k for PRIVATE customs, and 50k for PRIVATE couple customs. This covers skin, furkini, hair, ears, tail, and 2 extras of your choice. 2k for every extra item beyond that. Not all requests will be made. If you copy my style my fans will hunt you down. If you are inspired by my work thank you. Want to make something similar? PLEASE ASK, but use your own creativity and don't just copy.
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