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*Aerion makes a sarcastic comment*
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Mad Scientist's Union

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The Night's Breeze Wolf Pack

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Place for furries

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Pellinor Moon

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The World of The Anthropomorphs

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1392 posts from 1349 members
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Vampires United Nations

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_-~IQ~ The Intelligence Society ~IQ~-_

2859 posts from 1229 members
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A Vampire Knight's Promise

9953 posts from 293 members
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A Vampire Knightess Promise

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ShadowWarrior Knights Nation

3251 posts from 415 members
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Official RossenX Dueling Gamers Ring

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Long Lake Pack

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Black Rose Dralcon Empire/Dynasty

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Kar'Ta Miir

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Strut's Modeling Agency

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The Furry Realm

358 posts from 188 members
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Camp Saturn

40 posts from 27 members
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I gave up trying to keep track of morons. There are too many of them.
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Just so no one will get angry, the items on my wishlist are not items I expect you too buy. I would be really gratefull if you did though. If you see a too expensive item on my list then simply dont buy it.
S: Trico | Neck tuftAnyskin Neck Tuft 2 F v1A! Breath | Neck tuftAnyskin Tuft Set 3 F v1Anyskin Tuft Wings F
Black Scarf!ML-Treat~Bundle* Vampiress Skin F *ICO Da Vinci Blades MICO Da Vinci Boots M
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I will try to take a look at all visitor's homepages. But since the traffic has been increasing, the only way to guaranty me looking, is posting a message.
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