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Age: 28
Croatia (Hrvatska)
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Opened for every kind of conversation. Love me or hate me, it's all good.
Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Looking For: Friendship
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My Sandbox

Nobody here knocking at my door
The sound of silence I can't take anymore
Nobody ringing my telephone now
Oh how I miss such a beautiful sound

Nothing to hold but the memories and frames
Oh they remind me of the battle I face
Without your love, without you I drown
Somebody save me I'm going down

And I don't even know how I survive
I won't make it to the shore without your light
No I don't even know if I'm alive
Oh, without you now
This is what it feels like

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I'll continue to make products, don't worry ;)

!T Wasabi shoes!T Wasabi Izuno gloves!T Wasabi cat tail
!T Wasabi Izuno skin!T Wasabi Izuno eyes!T Wasabi Izuno hair
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