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"In sorrow I speak your name, and my voice mirrors my torment.."

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Hiya! ^^ My name is Alexandra. Australia is definately the best place to be. I'm halfway through my last year of high school and I got my P's! Some people call me a bitch, but that's only the case if someone annoys me. Over all, I'm a pretty friendly girl, up for meeting new people and having a great time with friends and family. I live in a small country town with a population and that's how I like it. ^^ Big cities are cool and all [mainly for the shopping], but nothing beats the quiet life. I hope to travel the world and help make a difference to our planet, I'm kinda wierd in that way. x) So that pretty much sums me up in a neat little package. If you're feeling bored, or friendly, give me a shout, and I'll be sure to reply [cos I have nothing else to do]. Lots of love, Alexandra. xx
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