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Spring Romance Sandals#T J-Type #MD Low-rise E[PL] Jacket x Cypher Jet[PL] Shirt x AbysS#T J-Type #LB Noshow
[PL] NiGhtmariX shOes[PL] Suit x PantheriXn| Suit Jacket Layerable#T Skin DNA/X #30 Jacob!M!  Skinny Jeans
Prim | Rugged BootsRugged Black BootsRugged Leather JacketMonochrome PatternedTheAlcatraz Head
J U S T I Nsurprise, reqm.. Haze i Goldm.. Haze i Gold Mm.. Haze i Blue
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So, in no particular order (so that people don't get mad at me haha)...

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