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Break Them & Il Rip Your Limbs Off-.-
-Only Take my badges if you plan on using them! DON'T send me a message for my badges -.- there is an auto badger RIGHT UP THERE,,and don't ask me when my next badge is coming out..it will come out when it does -.- -Pleasee Pleasee Pleasee Don't send me pointless messages -.- -I don't want to be your gf-mate-mistress-fairy-sister-pokemon,, or anything else -.-,,P.S No I DONT want to cyber with you -.- ask and die x.x -Please do not send me messages or invites begging for anything like ,Can you have a gift? [No one likes beggars] && If you begging for a gift you probably don't deserve one <.<. -Don't send me a gift and expect to get one back,,I'd love to gift everyone back,,but that's just not always the case -I Do take some request, but very few depending on what it is? and if I currently have time to take on another project. ECT. But if asked a request I will consider it. - I Don't accept all friend request sent to me..So don't feel bad if I don't accept your request If I added everyone I'd only have a buddy list full of people IDK O.O, So you best chance would be to send a reasonable message first. & Not blindly,Randomly friend requesting me O.o -Ok moving on...Don't come to tell me my product takes off another one of yours O.o There is nothing I can do about it... Thats Due to...A Dev. placing the product on the best node for it... And it can conflict with another product (Happens frequently with High Boots & Eye Lashes).. Well when it conflicts with another product..one of them may be removed from what your wearing...its really no big deal just find something else that matches. -If you write me a comment and I don't reply Im really Sorry,, I tried to reply to everyone, but sometimes things happen such as Im busy,I Forget, It gets pushed to the 2nd or 3rd page, Accidentally deleted it O.o, Or some other reason.

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(M) Whale Shark * BundleWhale Shark * Bundle(M) Whale Shark Hair V3(M) Whale Shark Hair V2(M) Whale Shark Hair V1(M) Whale Shark * Mask

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