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Avatar since: 2006-10-25
United States - LA
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"U Can Have his Avi.... I already have his ♥"

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Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Friendship
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[Sweet] Fight Like A Grl[Sweet] Never Knew JaketMU Line of DTPEmma's DTP OnesieDTP Panther & Crest PicsDTP Pillow Talk Bench
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Twerk (Animated)E! Babe.01♥ Lovely Girl! RXL~nau~ Stacy TXL~nau~ Stacy heels
♥ Waist Shorts! RXL♥ Waist Shorts! RXL♥ Lovely Ride! Boots♥ Lovely Ride! RXL👊 Taste of love | Art
D. Bella Plaid Flare RLLD. Bella Tee + Choker!D. Bella Lace Pumps!-J- Audrina brunette-J- Frances rust
Girl Talk Decorated RoomA~THE CHILL ZONE/FURNTake My Picture Roomspacerspacer

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