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Welcome to my page!

Thank you for dropping by my page and if you write to me thank you for taking the time to write to me! ill be sure to write back as fast as i can but im sometimes not on alot so dont take offence if its delayed. I hope to talk to many of you someday but often its hard finding the time, but this is my page! And nice to meet you. Dont beg for items etc and complain if i can chat with you i do try.
My main look is usually my silver hair and my main is currently above but below or around this page id love to share some other looks i love to wear and play around with for enjoyment! thank you and many cuddles! x

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[KISA]PinkUnicornDress[KISA]UnicornPinkShoes[KISA]PnkVictorianLolita[KISA]VicLolitaShoes*W* Windi Casual Top
*W* Holly Red Heels*W* Holly Red Dress*W* Kim Scarf Top*W* Nic Black Boots*W* Nic Heart Dress
*W* Kristy Ballet Flats*W* Kristy Pink Top*W* Betsi Dress*W* Betsi Bow Heelsspacer
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