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Hello im Suzu~ Im taken,21,Findom Alph Submissive Im currently selling DP's and Dev requests visit my website for more information http://lovelyethine.wixsite.com/pandapantsu

I love my family: IRL Fiance: Ian <3 MOM:PoisonDreams DAD: AeonDeloren CreepyGodmom:Gilded fuck everyone else tbh.

What are those?

Find me on theres websites: DeviantART: http://pandapantsuu.deviantart.com/ My personal site:http://lovelyethine.wixsite.com/pandapantsu Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pandapantsu/
DP by: Gilded <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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.::NYD Hood::..::Glitz Bomb::..::Glitz Face::..::Baggy Star Sweater::..::Plaid Skirt::..::Tied T Psycho::.
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B! SUPER SHINE PVC PANTSᴍ| Bertha.K|LadyDemonSkin!C♔ Dark Devil Wings!!C♔ RL Sexy Kitten!
!C♔ Devil Purple Aura!!C♔ Sexy Kitten Tutu!!C♔ RL U Fake!!C♔ U Fake Fur!+ Jorranda Void
ʜ, Jeffree PaleG`Kvasiz Cst VIG`Marcellus'Pale♛ Wild Origins.Collar Tattoo Sleeve
Shirt Tattoo Sleeves-V- Unholy Room-V- Rainy Night Getaway✘ Scratches.spacer
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