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I'm here to make friends and to collect/create graphic art. Feel free to message me or come to say hi if you see me on client. No random adds though please, I only add people who I know in some capacity. That doesn't mean you can't take some time to get to know me ;)
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I hope you enjoy your stay!

My name is Summer, I'm from South Staffordshire (that's in the Midlands, about 20 miles away from Birmingham), England.
In RL, I have a science-based career where I have been fortunate enough to earn my PhD in Cancer Research and I am a doting Mum to a gorgeous six-year-old boy.

On IMVU, my biggest passion is for graphic art, particularly fantasy and gothic styles, always seeking to step out of my comfort zone and learn new things. If you'd like to collaborate, drop me a message.

Your friendship I don't deserve. Thank you for always being there.

18th August 2016

Check out my new 'Nebular' hair textures. Other style requests accepted at no additional cost.

Graphics Portfolio

If you want to see some of my previous graphics work, check out My Portfolio

Q: What do you do on IMVU?
A: I am here primarily to make and collect avatar art, but I also like to model, develop items for the IMVU catalog and I love to meet interesting people to talk to.

Q: Can I add you?
A: Do I know you? If not, then no, sorry. If you have spoken to me on Client, interact with me in groups, or purchase art from me, then sure, of course :)

Q: How can I order avatar art or DP's from you?
A: You can order art from my group,
Emporium. Instructions are all in there.

Q: What kind of payment do you accept?
A: I accept direct credit transfer, help ticket, sticker purchase or PayPal payment in US dollars. My PayPal conversion rate is $1 for every 2K credits.

Q: What is your PayPal e-mail address?
A: summerrhaine@gmx.com

Q: What are your custom art prices?
A: Depending on the package ordered, my prices range from 5K to 30K+. Premades are usually sold for a bit more.

Q: What kind of art do you enjoy making?
A: Fanstasy, gothic, AP, females. I will attempt most things but I do work better when told exactly what you want.

Q: Anything you won't do?
A: I'm not keen on doing males and even less keen on doing couples.

Q: Why don't you like doing males?
A: Because I don't think I'm very good at them and I feel guilty taking your money.

Q: Why don't you like doing couples?
A: Again, because I'm not very good at males, and because couples tend to split up on me in the middle of doing their art, lol. You probably don't want to order from me as a couple ;)

Q: Anything you absolutely won't do?
A: Anything satanic or blasphemous. I love my Lord.

Q: What kind of art can I expect from you?
A: I make your avatars more realistic by painting over them, adding more detail and placing them in a scene. I cannot paint from scratch, so if you want anything added that is not in your screenshot, I will need references. There are better artists out there, no doubt. I see myself as more of an art technician. If you want your art to still look like your avatar but just nicer, then I'm your gal :)

Q: How long does it take to get a custom art order done?
A: I will give you an estimation upon confirmation of your order, but it's usually between 1 and 3 weeks. I have a very full life and this is my relaxation.

Q: What right have you got to charge people for your art?
A: Very little really, except that I need some way to pay for the art I collect myself and very few other people give it away. Also, I spend hours, sometimes days, on each order. I always give 100%. I never request payment up front and you are under no obligation to purchase the finished art from me if you don't like it.

Q: Can I edit the art I purchase from you?
A: Absolutely, yes. It belongs to you, you can do absolutely anything you want with it on and off IMVU. Just please don't resell it, even if you change it drastically.

Q: What do you create for the IMVU catalog?
A: Mostly hairs and sexy female clothing. I make a few accessories, pieces of furniture and rooms too.

Q: Do you take custom requests for the IMVU catalog?
A: Yes, price on request, but if you just want hair or something already of mine in another colour, there is no charge.

Q: Are you interested in sponsoring contests and events?
A: Yes, as long as what you are doing interests me. Message me with details.

Q: Are you able to contribute to magazines and groups on a regular basis?
A: No, I will not take on any ongoing responsibilities. One off contributions I may be interested in.

Q: Are you a good model?
A: I'm ok; I won the IMVU Model Regionals in 2014, Mysterium in 2015, and I am the current Miss United Kingdom (2015) and Miss International (2016). I will not hide the fact that I rely rather heavily on my editing skills. I am not the world's greatest fashionista, lol.

Q: Are you interested in taking part in modeling and art contests?
A: Yes, if my schedule allows it.

Q: Will you model for me?
A: I will do the occasional project but I cannot afford the time to be a permanent model for anyone.

Q: Would be be able to judge modeling/art contests?
A: Yes, as a one off. I judge occasionally for the IMVU Model Regionals and I've been a guest judge in Mysterium. I would not want to take on any long contest commitments though - just one or two rounds.

Q: What music is that playing on your HP?
A: 'Welcome Oblivion' by How to Destroy Angels (Trent Reznor's other band).

Q: Do you design banners, homepage layouts or product page layouts?
A: I have done in the past but I don't enjoy it and I'm not the best at it, so I don't do it anymore.

Q: Who designed your fantastic homepage, product page and banner?
A: The amazingly gifted Reiny of
Eccentriq Layouts.

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