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Avatar since: 2007-09-10
United States - CO
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"sweet tooth & strawberry youth~ hi, i'm emi! i like cute things, weed, & minecraft! let's chat~ ♡"

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Hello, my name is Emi, and I'm cute as heck.
I like a lot of things .. bright and cute things!
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Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Looking For: Chatting
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F. Emma Busty Sbby face[NEKO] Girl Gamer Skinx T-Shirt Dress Long v14♡ coked up rl
F. Eyebrows PinkyF. Fishnet Shorts WhiteF. Hime Buns PinkSnow VIPF. Barbie PinkSnow VIPF. Simple Skirt White
F. Fuzzy Stripe Jacket PF. ADD+ Black Liner v1F. ADD+ Black Liner v2F. Miku Busty SF. Miku MH
Arrosa | HeadArrosa | Wings 1Brasathi | Arrosa[Is] LittlePumpkin Magic[Is] Anko Halloween
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