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~Heaven Sent, Hell Bent~

Hiii, I'm Majandra; pronounced Ma-han-dra
You can call me Maj, or Manda though

I'm 23 â…“ in body, and 107 in spirit

Art is a very important part of my life
I paint, sculpt, make jewellery, and write poetry
I'm also really love baking and cooking
[quesadillas, cupcakes and cheesecake<3]

I'm in college for Social Service Work
When I graduate I want to work with Youth in poverty
Though my dream job would be Addictions Counselling

My interests are really varied and random:
vampires, and vampire novels
skulls, bones and anatomical hearts
vintage pin-up and burlesque
psychology, it fascinates me
serial killers also fascinate me
tattoos, piercings and scarification
cuddling and spooning, hehe
sexuality and gender study

Whereas my dislikes are very specific:
deception of any kind
animal cruelty, that takes a really messed up person
spiders [yes, I honestly have arachnophobia]
organized religion, though I respect everyones beliefs
people in costume [mall santas and easter bunny, etc]

° C o n t a c t . I n f o °

I'm not often on the client, but if you would like to chat
feel free to PM me for my MSN

Also, I play World of Warcraft
Come play with me on Blackhand!
[ Majandra . 80 . Blood Elf . Warlock ]

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