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Any problems with my products please messages me before leaving a bad review

Thank you for all the support ;3
I Do Not Have a Badge please dont ask anymore ;]
[s] Red Sweater Dress[s] Green Sweater Dress[s] Christmas dove[s] Innocent Reindeer[s] Frosty Eyes[s] Frosty
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Avatar since: 2008-02-15
Age: 29
United States - FL
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"Whoever said anything is possible has obviosly never tried slamming a revolving door ^^"

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About me panel:
Human name is Megan
Born on November 4th
Don't get on here very much /:
From Florida
Imvu got boring
Oddly i finally got a life
I now have a job and am finishing high school
Used to be a developer then i realized i sucked and lost time
If i do happen to be on i'll most likey be in DnD
Your best bet is to message me
I'm always nice though(:
I like talking to intellegent people though
If you can't hold a conversation, its best you don't talk to me at all
So yeahhhhhh
Have a nice day ?
Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Friendship
My Wish List
sadly my wishlist has gotten very long but i plan to shorten it once i get my credits again :D but your help is always welcome but not forced :D
-D|V - Dance of Gold. lime vamp[S]Zombie Ear V.2[JMB] Steampunk Ears[C.A.C] Tealic Ears
SPLATTER JEANS-NS- Christmas snow*AK* Striped Long Top Bl[NEKO] ROYAL [W]! PoCo* LolliMonstaHorn2
Strawberry Blonde JenicaJenica PurpleRS*jenica-trashblondeRS*Clarice-TrashBlondeRS*TrashBlonde-San
RS*Fien-TrashBlondeZ7 Lucid Lilac F{D} Vintage Print Topspacerspacer
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My Room
i loves my rooms. maybe i can show them to yous:)this room is my favorite:)
My Groups Check Out IMVU Groups!
i get bored very very easily and these groups are what keeps me from not completely loosing my mind so check them out some time!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Art on boy flesh

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The GIMP Love Shack

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Morfelisia's Cloud

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Avatar Pictures Mall

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~Pixel Doll Tips, Tricks and Tutorials~

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Veleno Modeling Society

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Random Spazzes :D

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..Vomit Addicts..

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Blasted Galaxy

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Pure edits.

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Tune Up

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- BluAbyss Skin Tutorials -

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1233 posts from 147 members
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415 posts from 1307 members

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