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Though I still come back to IMVU to keep my account active and to check up on how things are going, I am no longer 'here' like I used to be during my more active times and am - in all senses of the word - currently unavailable on this account.

Just because I'm no longer 'here', however, doesn't mean that I no longer care about IMVU, so if you see me around, know that it's because I still find something to care about and that it's worth the trouble of talking, discussing, debating, and even arguing about.

Once upon a time, I spent days upon days here, doing work, chatting with friends, and doing more work and though I have since 'retired' this account, I look forward to the positive changes that are coming to this place and believe that IMVU will continue to be a good place for both the content developers and content shoppers alike.

That said, I met some truly fantastic, unique, and memorable people here on IMVU and I thank each and every one of them for being the people that they were and are and I am grateful to have met them.

This place used to be a second online home for me and a part of me will always see it as such. For this reason, I am leaving my Homepage up in its entirety even though I am currently no longer taking commissions.

Thanks for visiting, thanks for reading, and thanks for understanding.

~ SpirInk

Hello and welcome to my homepage here at IMVU.

I'm a front-end web developer and artist by profession who's making a home here at IMVU to make some new friends, have some fun with the IMVU client and avatar system, and to take advantage of the creator program/developer's program and the networking aspect of IMVU to show off and polish my coding and graphics-making chops.

I currently offer these services:

+ Code [Homepage MNR] - minor homepage tweaking and code modification (adding in a box here and there)
+ Code [Homepage RMX] - complete custom single-page homepage coding (like mine)
+ Code [Homepage SITE] - complete custom multi-page homepage/homesite coding (iframes)

+ Code [Product Page RMX] - complete custom single-page product page coding
+ Code [Product Page SITE] - complete multi product page catalog coding

+ Code [Website ALL] - complete custom multi-page website coding (similar to the Homepage [SITE] option, except not on IMVU/hosted on IMVU)

+ Graphics [IMVU] - custom graphics to use specifically on your IMVU homepage (header/banner, contact panel icons, etc)
+ Graphics [STICK] - custom graphics to use as stickers on your homepage
+ Graphics [OTHER] - custom graphics to use on other web spaces (header/banner, icons, buttons, etc)

+ Art [FIG] - traditional media figurative artwork
+ Art [CALLI] - calligraphic artwork

And I plan to offer in the future:

+ IMVU [TATTOO] - tattoo designs for avatars
My artwork of late seems to fall into one of several different categories - figurative, graphic, or calligraphic.

Here, at IMVU, I plan to combine all three forms to create custom (and not-so-custom) stickers and graphics for homepages and posters and other similar 2D objects for the 3D IMVU environment.

For some examples of the artwork that I do, please feel free to click through my sample gallery below:

In regards to the type of code work that I do, I do one of two things - code overriding or coding from scratch - or a combination thereof. Exactly what I have to do and how much I have to do determines the categorization system (remember the [RMX] and [MNR] and [SITE] descriptions from earlier in my About Me section?) that I use for coding requests.

Modifying an IMVU homepage or product page in particular can be considered to be both a code override and a code-from-scratch project, depending on what a user may want displayed on their page. If a user wants code additions - for example, little text boxes in their 'About Me' panel - then that is a code-from-scratch request. If a user wants a layout like what is displayed on my homepage, then that is a code-from-scratch + code-override + custom graphics request. Obviously, different types of requests take different amounts of time and effort and the pricing will reflect that.

Here are some examples of my code work - code-from-scratch and code-override - to give you a better idea of just what I can do:

NOTICE: Being that my profession is that of a front-end web developer, it should come to no surprise that I have strong feelings in regards to the adherence to web standards and in regards to the writing of clean and valid code.

Experience after experience - both my own and those from other web developers - has proven that clean and valid code works best in terms of usability and cross-browser compatibility (though IE6 is always the exception to the rule and if you're using IE6, PLEASE consider switching browsers because it doesn't follow the current web standards).

Therefore, in the interest of creating homepages and websites that are as accessible, usable, and 'valid' as possible, I will lay down some ground rules here and now and state outright that there are some code 'hacks' I refuse to do.

PLEASE be aware of this before you request code work from me.

Tattoo art is a very special form of graphic art in that tattoos are (typically) uniquely symbolic to the person who gets the design inked.

I hope to one day be able to provide individual one-of-a-kind tattoo art for avatars in addition to tattoo artwork available through the general catalog.

Outdated Content Removed - soon to be replaced.

Did you know that you can help support your favorite content developers by purchasing credits from the credit reseller that they are affiliated with?

If you've been around IMVU for a while, you probably have a favorite credit reseller or two.

Now that I've been here a while myself, I have my own favorite credit reseller, too, and that credit reseller is:

Additionally, you can find a listing of other Registered Resellers for IMVU credits on THIS website. Click HERE for more information!

All contents created by SpirInk are the intellectual property of SpirInk.
Please support your artist by respecting copyrights.

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Straight up, I created my badge not only as a way for me to advertise myself but also as a way for me to give my clients and customers (if they want it) a little thank you.

For this reason, I do not have my badge on auto-grant and I will not give out my badge simply because I am asked for it. Sincerely, I appreciate you taking your time to message me for my badge, but the truth is, my badge is for myself and my supporters only and I will not change my policies on this.


There is no logical point for me to hand out my badge only to get it lost amongst a thousand others simply because the person who asks for it is a collector and is collecting for the sake of collecting.

Badges have always been, for me, a way to market and help others market themselves, their products, and their services and to help champion causes or use them as a representations of things they are interested in.

There are many, many, MANY other badges that are available for collecting; mine is simply not one of them.

Please respect this in regards to my badge and thank you in advance for understanding

This user has no badges available for auto granting.

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