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"hey guys"

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Best-Friends 4-eversee in my eyesI'm aggressive
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Today is challenge from bling, bling! This is my daily outfit challenge clothing today, but i'm not realy good,maybe u vote for me? Maybe, or Maybe not. But i need all ur voted.. Please voted for ME and for others..:) have a nice day too all!! :) Vote Now!!

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EDI BLACKC▓ Shakira Belly DanceBeaded Belly Dance Dress[P]Bella outfit*blackⓜ Aztec Leggings
<R>Stezi[blk]F| Tonight BlackEM$ Elegant Leggins[L] Leggins small Flower[NR] Marilyn leggins
clothes - basic leggins! Maisiu Brunette! Catherine Black! Valontin Brunette! Kaylana Black
! Florence Black! Akebula Brunette*W* Ciera Dressspacerspacer

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