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fun quiz for myspace profile and blog The Blind Kiss. It's my favorite kind. It's the kiss that you always expect to come from your significant other - your soulmate and other half - but you never see it coming. You cannot see; you cannot hear; you cannot feel; you cannot know until it comes so achingly slow. The touch of her lips caressing yours. The promise is silent and tells you what you want to hear. She loves you and the kiss grows more passionate, more urgent as your bodies press up against each other. The warmth of her love washes over you like the rolling tides upon the shore, but it's her kiss that catches your attention and is more akin to the waters that crash against the steep cliffs of your heart. You never wish for the moment to end, because within it is your love eternal - and hers, for you.

"Walls are built, not to keep others out, but so a person can know, if the trespasser is friend or foe."

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