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I love you Hyro and Yami ♥
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No words can describe how much I love him. He means everything to me.... <3
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You are a White Lycan, magestic and beautiful. You are the rarest type of Werewolf and you tend to have the calmest demeanor. But although you are very wise and insightful, you can also be very powerful, so others respect you greatly, looking to you for guidance.

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R- Oriyama Ears Deriv.[PETS] Ezi | ears v1[sc] Tatsu Tail DrvR- Fei Tail v1!NAX Dragonic tail v2
IH: White Chest FurlmL Asta EarslmL Asta Tail v1lmL Asta Wings v2lmL Asta Wings v1
lmL Asta Kini FlmL Asta FlmL Asta Claws v1 FlmL Asta Feet v1 FlmL Asta Horns v1
lmL Asta MarlolmL Asta TateehlmL Asta BrandylmL Asta ToplmL Asta Skirt
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