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I take commissions.
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My Sandbox

Check out some of my Favorite Developers!

Listed below are some of the devs whom I have derived or bought from repeatedly over my years here on Imvu. Please go check them out and see all the awesome stuff they have to offer. You won't be sorry.

Gaf210 makes THE most awesome codes making product pages, banners, and even changing your layout, ALL FOR FREE!!! If you are a dev and not making product pages because you think it's too hard, then you HAVE to go to his site and use his generators. There is no excuse for blank product pages anymore. :)



Galaxiae, for all your out-of-this-world needs! Firefly to Trek to Stargate, if she doesn't already have it she can probably make it. :) For all you Big Damn Heroes, check out her Skylight line! The only thing wrong with it is that you will be wanting MORE, lol!


Ellohym is gonna get all Medieval on you! And don't you forget it! ;)
Need some Elven/fantasy/medieval RP gear? She has you covered, and THEN some. Truly, some of the best medieval/renaissance textures out there, both in clothing and in rooms. Top notch work from a dev who takes great pride in what she does.



Rythulian has everything you need for a Winter Wonderland fantasy world. Winterfell has got nothing on this catalog! Check them out, those clothes and rooms NEED to be TRIED ON to be truly appreciated...the pics don't do them justice. Truly works of art.


This is a name you see over and over again here on Imvu, and the reason is because she is one of the best meshers for hairstyles on Imvu. She has an EXTENSIVE catalog of stuff to look at, and if she doesn't already have it, NOBODY does, believe me.



TeenyWeenyNana has you covered. And I mean all the way. All of her outfits are available as bundles that include the top/bottom, shoes, earrings, necklaces, and anything else you need to match. Once you start trying her stuff on, you won't be able to stop!

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WHY Reviews Are Important
Friends, deriving an item costs anywhere between 850 - 1,000 credits per item, and I am only making 75-200 credits per item. This means that I have to sell that item at least 10 times just to break even. If you buy with Promo Credits, I do not get paid AT ALL.

My catalog by no means supports me with extra cash. It doesn't even support itself. So, please, help me. Let me know that the time and effort I put into this enterprise means something to you by taking half a minute to go and rate my products, telling me what you think of them. It only takes a few seconds to write a one-word description and choose one of the dots between "Bad" and "Good," and that helps me move up in Tier levels, which will eventually bring down my costs.
Thanks so much for your support!

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My Room
Need something custom made for you or need a room decorated? Then please stop by my studio! (<--- click the link to be taken there <---) Be sure to drop in at the reception desk in the room to alert me that you are there. AP showroom is available, as well. Message me for the room URL.

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