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You can call me Skull, Skulli, or Sixx
Nothing more, nothing less.
If you happen to know my real name, keep it to yourself.

I am a developer and an artist on here. It's rare that you see me doing a lot of either but it does happen and that is the ONLY reason that I am here.


Snakes/cats/tattoos/piercings/medical/Chevy trucks/motorcycles/traveling/racing/ATV's/fishing/hunting/the outdoors/reading/learning/exploring/fitness/cooking/concerts/rain/reading/and smart folks.


You/him/her/they/them/he/she/liars/drama/thiefs/rules/speed limits/directions/cry babies/whiners/complaint systems/the government/werewolfs/and wiggers.

Anything else, you're getting too nosey.

Fuck.... I miss you so much. <3 RIP.

Mine. <3

My boy. <3

There are some days I could strangle you but I couldn't ask for a better little sisster.

Daddy <3 Nothing more than I can say beside that.

My bro-seph. I don't need to say much more but you're a beast and all that shit.

My big me. <3

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Groups, groups, GROUPS!

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My FAQ. You can find the answers to most of your questions here.

Q: Do you do customs?

A: Very rarely. Even if I do, the custom has to inspire me and be original.

Q: Can I add you?

A: I prefer if you didn't. I only add people I have talked to. Whether on Facebook or other means of social media.

Q: Are you single?

A: Not really your business, but whatever. Yes, I am but no.

Q: Why are you so mean?

A: I was made this way. Get over it.

Q: Can we hang out?

A: If you can find me, of course.

Q: Can I get your badge(s)?

A: Absolutely. You can find some on my HP. Others are for purchase or donations only. Sorry.

Q: Can you gift me/give me credits?

A: Absolutely, not. Get out of here.

Q: Anything private you would like to share about yourself?

A: I drive a 2013 Chevy Silverado crew cab, I have 20 tattoos, 6 siblings, I have a cat named Sampson, an afinity for Supernatural and I love someone.

Any other questions will be added as I recieve them. Feel free to drop a question in my inbox.

Did you know, you can also find me in these locations?

Facebook / DeviantArt / Tumblr
Email / Skype
sixxskull@yahoo.com / theskullfucker

Stalk me. I don't mind. ;D

Cool story bro.

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