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Geekiness has never been this sparkly!
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Pixel dolls by Moonpixel.

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If I know you through a group, or a forum or something, by all means send me a friend request - I'll be happy to accept. Just bear in mind I'm not online much for chatting as the IMVU client hates me! If I don't know you, please don't be offended if I don't accept. I'm always happy to chat through messages though.
Special Someone
My "Manly Man Dude",
more cool than the Fonz
How comfy to cuddle,
my Prince of the Nos
You cheer me up always
and make the best tea
Have oodles of cupcakes,
with much love from me.
See? Told you I was rubbish at poetry :p
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Helen's Happy Hour

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I generally use this only to save stuff I intend to buy in future, gifts are in no way expected (although always appreciated). A friendly message or a review on one of my products is the best thing you can give me. :D
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I roleplay in:
Starbase 672: Hephaestus

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