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The Ocean
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Aloha, my name is Siren (Imvu Name). I'm an ISFP personality, looking for friendship and excellent vibe. I try not to judge, but prefer to stay away from those that have excessive drama. I enjoy being positive. I simply feel better. I encourage others, but in the end ....the choice is yours.

I am a new Avatar to Imvu so I may be slow on responses, and or mechanics. Always interested in meeting new people, that share the mind set I do. You might ask me what that is? Well, that requires a conversation. So ask me.

Pre-warning. I do not come with instructions. Take the time to get to know me, rather than trying to figure me out. I certainly would appreciate that. I have come to notice IMVU is a place filled with oddities, and peculiarities. I have my own, and they are obvious. I just don't get along with drama. As I mentioned earlier, I avoid that horse race to nowhere.

To know my story requires a good fisherman. So can you fish?
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