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I do check my messages daily so feel free to pop one by if u have any questions.



Name: Kelly/Sim/Simple.
Age: Born in 1996.
Gender: Female.
Status: Single.
Oritation: Asexual Sexuality: Bisexual.

Well here is a little about myself, I am currently studying hairdressing in college. I love drawing (even though i'm no good at it) I'm also a furry developer I have been developing Since 2011 which keeps me occupied aswell. I'm also intrested in things such as photography ICT/Computer building and webdesign. I consider myself as a kind loving person who is considrate of her freinds but only the few people I'm close to knows

Likes: cooking, cleaning, developing, photography, learning, Summer
Dislikes: Cold, snakes, spiders, Drama


What are your tools of the trade? (program you use)
I use Photoshop CS6

Q: Can you teach me to develop?
A: i'm currently teaching no one.

Q: Do you Do custom fursets?
A: Yes my custom fourm is Here

Q: Do you take Art Comissions? A: Yes! My Deviant art is SimpleCollection.deviantart.com



Lovley shii <3 I have known you now for many years you have been wonderful and supportive through the time of where I needed someone, your a great laugh and cheered me up so many times when I have been down. I hope our friendships will keep continuing <3

Mel is just idk... fun to be around she always makes me laugh when I'm in a terrible mood, Mel is just a wonderful, caring, hyper friend of mine and always there for her friends when they need "a shoulder"

Jon iv known for about 5 years now, he has been through the good and the bad an even though we don't talk as much anymore you never seems to fail to put a smile back on my face and not to mention your my number one fan <3

Jasper, Iv known you for almost a decade now and you have been trough a lot with my hardship, tears and joy of course you never fail to make me smile somehow when i'm down, you have put up with my stupid behaviour and immature side you will always hold a place in my heart.



7th june 2010 - 0/0/2014


you can be a big meanie sometimes aswelll as a baka. :>
nyaaah *-*
i love you,you're such a big softie, i miss u when your not close to me and I Feel comfy and calm when you're around me nothing can annoy me or make me angry since ur by my side. your hugs amaze me, your kiss i miss, your company i adore and your smile is something that makes me smile too, you have an amazing personality i wouldn't want you to change it because you're perfect the way you are<3 I love you so much always and forever we will show that age does not matter as long as we are loyal but i have honestly no clue what to say about you, i'm sorry you make me feel amazing though.

I now shall add that we are no longer together but thats alright, you're my first love and my last. i wanted nobody else but you - June 2013 was when you decided to leave but its okay the only regret i have, was meeting you. none of the "bliss" should of happened. im sorry i was never good enough like u said i was for you to lie in my face, i gave you everything that i could and even waited for you a whole year i'm going to miss the times we had together in real but now everything feels like it never happened, it was just a dream always too good to be true"

Love since: 7th of june 2010
Sry hun i went grammarnazi on you, but dw i left you nonsence word order as it was~<3
Lots of love blackskipper



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[sc] Katren Tail Drv[sc] Ram Tail Drv[sc Ram Ears Drv[sc] Ram Horns[sc] Bjorg Ears  Drv[sc] Anubis Ears Drv

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