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Here's where you can find my latest clothing products and outfit combinations-
Only Simmulation/Mortal Fashion/Caber products (my stuff) are shown here.
They are worn on the standard avatar with no added skintone or accessories

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Just because I walk among the angels, do not mistake me for one
Relationship Status: Married

Hi! Welcome to the Simmulation homepage!

I have been on IMVU for over 7 years now, and I still have a lot of fun with it!

I am a content creator, my brands include Simmulation (Rooms, furniture, tools, etc.) Mortal Fashion (mostly clothing and accessories under that brand) Caber (Kilts and skirts) and Ocean Town (because it was such a big project I thought it deserved it's own brand)

I also have an alternate profile, named after (strangely enough) My female avatar model character, Suzy Siber.

She started off innocently enough- I was a new CC and wanting to make female clothing it was obvious I needed to purchase a female avatar so I could make product photos to advertise. Well, just for fun I named her Suzy Siber (my Mom told me once that Suzy was going to be my name if I had been born a girl, "Siber" (pronounced like "cyber") just a made up name, a play on the word cyber because she only exists in the computer world

Well, it wasn't long before my wild imagination got the better of me, and soon Suzy had taken on a life of her own! I do a blog (now on Facebook) called "The Life Of An Avatar" where "Suzy's Diary" is the main entry. Basically, it's just funny stories, and I use the client and Gimp to make pictures to go along with the stories depicting Suzy and her family's sometimes crazy life.

Suzy has her own profile page now, and I (she lol) creates products that are usually more "cutesy" than the products I usually release on this profile (although I do do cute as well, but her's is more bright colors and such)

Find me on Facebook!

Simmulation's Mortal Fashion On Facebook

Suzy Siber Designs On Facebook

Special Someone
This is my wife Novella! She is my best friend and still makes my heart skip a beat whenever our eyes meet!

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Tis better to give then recieve, but if you do see something here, and buy it for me, I'll gladly accept it with graditude- Thanks!
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These beautiful souls are the ones I hold close to my heart. They are there for me through the good times, the bad times and all the times in between. I love you all!
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It's always a pleasure to have visitors! I hope you enjoy viewing my little corner of the IMVU universe! Don't be afraid to click the various product advertisements I have here! *wink*

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