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I do take request for a minimum of 3k. I take custom outfit/Jewelleries request for important occasion too. Price varies and a minimum of a month notice will be alright. Sorry,it cost to submit products and I take very very long time to make a decent product, so its only fair for me to charge to take on request.

Please add my banner to your page. Just copy and paste the link below. Thanks much for the support! ^^

[Tifa] Hearts Necklace[Tifa] Enchanted Braclet[Tifa] Enchated Earrings[Tifa]Enchanted headress[Tifa] Bridal Enchanted[Tifa] Glass Roses
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"Hello! Did u see my Cloud anywhere?” 我信愛情是沒有理由 悲歡的註定” I am not 24 >."

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*Nonono! If Wishlist is empty means not gifting please^^ My client is down for weeks and until it get backs up again, I am not gonna add much to my wishlist. But thanks anyway still! You guy rocks ^^ And of course,feel free to gift me your products if you want to, I'll leave ya a review :) THANKS ALOT still!!
U make my day ^^ ,
Hugz, Silverstein


[SD]Single lady!!(AC)Z7 PorcelainZ7 PallorZ7 SugarPink{e}Victoria
*u3*Milk skin 17[L] S t u n n e r;[DS]BlackConvers-F[ZTY] Bandina (white)[RGB] Brown rose
[69s]  BANDINA  derivablMC Lindsey Tortoise*SparkleCluster*v5heart silver butterflysilverrose corner 2

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