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A lil hiatus.
Relationship Status: Married
Looking For: Chatting
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Come chat or pop in to maybe see exclusive stuff.
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My Badges
Requests: Stopped doing this for the most part. I am open to suggestions for hairstyles in the colours that I use in my catalogue. So if you like a hair with any colour I have used, feel free to ask. I tend to experiment with patterns and colours. ^^
Donations: No, I won't ask.
Gifts: I'm not santa.
Credits: Don't even ask me.
Trade: Rarely ever open to trading anymore. Otherwise, prefer to keep things equal. Tile for tile; equal badge value. My unrequestable is never for trade. You can offer pretty much anything, but I may avoid things in another language, or a trade altogether if your message is rude.
Trade Status: Currently not trading.

I rarely add unless I know you or we had a few chats/messaged. Doesn't matter who you are, this applies to everyone. You're free to message me or visit my rooms.
Do not message me thanks for badges. uwu
I have a life, as well as health issues and can be inactive for some periods of time, sorry for any inconveniences.

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If buying badges through stickers, please refer to the description box at purchase. <3 Makes it easier to track. I also accept Paypal, but PM for info or drop by into my discord for info.

*Badges may change at any time.

Limited trading. Tile for tile. Max of 3. Refer to Trade above.

Shop is on hiatus. Please follow directions on the description pages if buying/gifting badges, or you may not be able to receive them at this time!

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