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Foolish mortals. Trix are for kids.
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Silk is now a full-time webcomic artist, teamed up with talented author TalthosLissesul. It's tremendously fun! If you're at all interested in webcomics, gaming, movies, comics, or...well, humor, feel free to take a look. In other news...yes, she's very spider-centric. Spiders are her totem, IMVU namesake, and just generally mean a lot to her. She's particularly fixated on spiderwebs.

My DeviantArt Page

IF YOU CAN'T REMOVE A SPIDER-BODIED AVATAR: It's an avatar, not pants. Look under the avatar section of your inventory and equip a different avatar.

IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN A MODIFICATION OF ONE OF MY OUTFITS, OR A NEW REQUEST: Not right now, I'm sorry. I'm extremely busy right now with non-IMVU projects, and what little time I'm not working is typically spent in full retreat from the computer. It isn't inconceivable that I'll suddenly produce a small outfit once in awhile (and then disappear again) or come back eventually, but for now, I won't be tackling IMVU projects.

IF YOU'RE HAVING TROUBLE WITH PHOENIX EYES: No, they probably don't work with your head. Yes, it sucks. Yes, that they only work with the default head was stated in the product description. In all-caps. Red ones. Because of this, I'm sorry, but I won't refund your money. (Remember that I only got a small portion of it, and nothing if you paid in promo credits.) No, I can't fix them. I wish that I could; they worked in the Previewer with alternate heads. But they are incompatible with the Client somehow. All this is why they were pulled from the market. Sorry, guys.
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Production Notes: Not creating very much for IMVU right now due to my workload with Complex Actions, but do toss something new out every once in a great while. Will have a new badge coming soon in any case. Thank you all for your continued support of my outfit-art...it is truly appreciated!

So what's YOUR fantasy?

If anyone would like to display my banner, feel free, and thank you in advance!
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