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Welcome, I'm DJ. Always game for new friends but please do no send Friend Requests unless we have spoken. I'll just ignore them. Its nothing personal, I just don't need "place holders" on my friends list ;).
A lil' about me: I'm mostly short, sweet and to the point. I'm as loyal as they come. I cut off anyone who I feel isn't. I'm kind and compassionate but my attitude/reaction depends on your approach. Bit of a loner but I have found very good friends and family here that I hold near and dear to my heart. I'm always 100%, I don't take on a different persona when I log into IMVU. Although I'm pretty open minded and can get into a bit of roleplay, I am not interested in RP on a consistent basis. I love being exactly who I am. I love to dev on IMVU, it relaxes me, so always open for deving buddies. Hagd!
I love my family. Been here for 5 years and from my first week my sisters have been my sisters. They have been 100% with me and about me since day one & I love them as my own blood. Big sis Shinobi: image host image host Baby Sis Kirah: image host
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