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Welcome to my world. I will change myself for no one! Either accept me as I am or do us both a favor and run away with your tail behind your legs

I have Schizophrenia. No, I do not suffer from delusions. And no I do not have multiple personalities.

I am a complex being. I like tickles and giggles, and I like having my own space. I like music and having fun, but at times I like to be quiet. I am a human being, I get angry, and I get sad. Those who expect otherwise are delusional. No one is ever happy all of the time. Sometimes I cry and all I need is a warm shoulder to cry on, not a judgmental voice.

I was hurt.. and betrayed by my forever after when I needed him most…

If for any reason you need me, you can send me a message, I do answer messages to my best ability, however, I do not give out my email or anything of like easily, that is only for friends. So get to know me, or leave
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