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Im nothing but a ninja
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Hello welcome to my home. The name Shelke but everyone esle call me ninja there is an reason for it ^-^ *chuckle* you wanna know me just ask me if trying to add me without even speaking to me lead to not even accepting your wishes.If trying to cry your tear out to ask me out and such not going to happen you can walk away now. For those asks for gift you can talk to my blade for that.*sly look* I am only me im not going to change. drawing, writing, watch the newest anime,Gamer with warning , playing rock/pop/ jpop on the eletric violin is my life. yes i listen to selection of music but for now my playlist it there. >->..<-<.. rpg of course. *thinking what esle i might of forgotten* oh if you see me on i might be taking picture or even drawing so shh if im not busy you can try to reach me then ^-^.

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