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Angel of the 7th gate, bringer of love... and chocolate"
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Heres my banner for all my products feel free to follow the link :)

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Kasandra's HoodKasandra's Arm WarmersKasandra's BeltF:~ Olimlia dress v1F:~Aphrodite Hair Roses
F:~Aphrodite Hair Roses2F:~ Aphrodite Leg GemsF:~Aphrodite Leg RosesF:~Aphrodite Arm RosesF:~Aphrodite Roses v1
F:~Aphrodite Lower GemsF:~Aphrodite Upper GemsF:~Aphrodite Outfit pinkF:~ Aphrodite LingerieF:~Aphrodite Drape pink
F:~ Rhea Veil roseF:~Rhea Butterflies roseF:~ Rhea Gown roseF:~Erzebeth dress redF:~Erzebeth shoes red
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How to make a sarah
3 parts competetiveness
5 parts silliness
5 parts beauty
Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of lustfulness
~SS~ Sith Saber purple~SS~ Sith Lords Saber~SS~ Heathers Saber
~SS~ Blade of Heaven~SS~ Vampyre Blade~SS~ Demonic Sword
Special Someone
My newest special friend
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