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There is an fire in this heart in an riot, about to explode into flames”sis
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I love you daddy so much...even though sometimes it feels as if I do not. I am sorry for every hurt or agitation I put on anyone. I was always just following my heart and just because I am not around as much does not mean I do not love you anymore, is just a bit hard for me right now...thank you for giving me life daddy, I would not change it for the world...without you I would be dead

My stunningly handsome son, as beautiful as your father. I love you so much, and am sorry for any pain I put or will put you through, but mommy loves you ALWAYS, just as she does your father. Just please do mommy a favor, and use better treat whatever woman you have in your life with care. Always be open and honest with her and your lives will be amazing, of that I can promise you.

My daughter, precious as can be. I enjoy watching you grow daily. You have such a beautiful personality and are such a wonderful person. I am glad we can be so close. I pray that you grow up to be a strong woman, much stronger than me or anyone I know. I want you to know that mommy loves you so much always, no matter what mistake you make she will always be here for you. Your family will stick with you always

I have always admired you aunty…you are such an amazing woman. I have always wanted to be like you, just it never seemed to work out with me. You will always be my favorite aunt, and no one will ever change that…I pray that you and your family grow strong together, that nothing would ever tear you apart, and nothing would ever harm any of you.
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