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"smh aint that cold"

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I'm authentic,there's no one else like me.I'm a very complex creature it will take you a life time to figure out.I love hard and I love strong. Am I in no way form or fashion a push over.I say what I mean an mean what I say.Sometimes I tend to have a swift an sharp tongue,it's been known to cut deep an sometimes the wounds don't heal.Some ppl see me as humble but its only those who look deep beyond the surface.My eyes tell a story of love and passion only if you dare to stare in their exotic almond shape.Some have never been released from it's spell.There is only one key to unlock this mystery an its an adventure to find the key..Good luck on your quest.
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Here we are once again...never thought I'd see the day.Love always finds it way back home.ily Juju
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XL! Wide Slit Pants.RL! Paperbag.A whole snac OUTFIT RLLK|KL*HotSummerDressY . Adidas Outfit Floral
D. Yellow Fur Heels!Black SkirtFlower CrownP| Floral RLLP| Black Fur Layerable
RLL! Mid Rise Jeans.#Beach Romper Boat RLL♥ SX Off Shoulder RLLPink! Outfit+Shoe ♥¿ Nike Fit RLL
mm. Shea - RLLmm. Shea Shorties - RLLmm. Shorties (b) - RLLmm. Leggings (b) - RLL~A: Delicate Necklace
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