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Heyyy! Welcome! Not sure why you stopped by, but feel free to stay as long as you like.. You silly, stalker, you. :P

Be sure to click on the other tabs for more info and thank you in advance if you grabbed my banner and/or checked out my shop.^^

Interested in buying your very own mesh file? Receiving free products? Showing off your products? Entering contests? Checking out new products? Even just hanging out and having fun? Click here and join my group!! :D

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Not really good at talking about myself... I like to dev, obviously... I am autistic. I get distracted easily.. I tend to speak my mind, whether you like it or not. I'm very opinionated and I love androgyny and hate religion. I also do not claim to have gender or sexual preference and I refuse to recognize that gender, race, or sexuality has anything at all to do with the way people behave or dress.

I am not a "daddy". Stop trying.

Also, my other account is Jakx.. So be sure to check out my stuffs on there, too! :D

My Best Friend

The Stimpy to my Ren. The one person on the planet who's ever understood me inside and out. I've never known true friendship til I met you. I love that we can sit together for hours, speaking fluent sarcasm... I love that while being complete opposites, we somehow meet in the middle and fit together perfectly. I love you, Bitchtit.

You're mine and I love you. I intend to keep you. I don't even want to think about spending another night without you. I'm not sure how I ever did. But thank you for coming into my stupid, fucked up life and finally showing me what love is actually supposed to feel like.

The other humans that I like...

Will you buy me something off my wishlist? No. If you like being gifted so much, consider applying as a dancer at Club Spank.

Will you teach me how to dev? No. I do not have the time and there is an unlimited amount of tutorials out there. Try YouTube.

Do you make custom items? No, I do not. However, I do have a suggestions thread in my group. I warn you that I am very slow to get to them.

Will you fit this mesh to fit that mesh? Send me the mesh links for both my mesh and the mesh you want it to fit to and gift me a song off my wishlist. All I ask is that you either buy it or derive off it after I am done.

Why don't you take requests? 1st off... It's far more profitable to me in the long run to just do my own thing. I have tons of my own ideas and I have more fun doing my own ideas.. Therefore the outcome of the mesh is much better. 2nd off... I get nervous trying to please someone else, which is stupid because I'd rather be pleasing myself... And 3rd... The majority of the requests I have actually done, the people have not bought or derived from it.. So it turns out to be nothing but a huge waste of my time... To sum it up for you.. We don't always get what we want.. And I work for myself, not for others. Also, I don't think that your opinion of me should be weighed out by the amount of work I do for you.^^

Why didn't you accept my chat request? I rarely accept private chat requests, but I am often in a public room, if you would like to stalk me there.

Why didn't you respond to my message? I honestly receive more messages than I know how to handle anymore. If I haven't responded, I'll either get to it soon, or it's a request or something that I didn't feel the need to respond to. If your message is about working in one of my clubs, or issues you had within the clubs, I suggest contacting one of my managers for a quicker response.

Why does your product say it won't work on my avatar? Make certain it is the right gender, as I make both male and female products. If it is, this is an IMVU glitch. You need to try a different version of the client to get it to work.

Why do you make everything for both genders? Why not? I don't believe that clothes are specific to gender.

Are you gay? No. I have no sexual preference.

Will you be my Daddy? You're stupid.

Will you date my avatar? Lol.... Well.... Maybe...

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