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1) Please follow basic OOC Ettiquite. I would like to see proper grammar if you can.

2) Read the room description: This gives you an insight onto my room settings. As well as some of my basic rules.

3) Post an Entrance: This doesn't have to be long. also, refer to the room description, because it will give you a clue on setting.

4) Basic RP rules apply No godmodding! Refrain from metagaming. This includes
*controlling another player character's actions
*force kills: You cannot kill another person's character without their express permission
*refrain from hiding things OOC and mixing the OOC with the IC
*Characters that are all-powerful are not permitted Checks and balances please

5) respect my mods. I chose them for a reason. That being said, if a Mod has done something that you feel is inappropriate, please message me reguarding it. Leave as much detail asyou can. I will look into it if I feel someone has stepped out of line.

6)Please keep OOC to a minimum. There are times when it's necessary, but this is a roleplay room Not a chatroom

7) These are GA rooms. No AP items please. And keep things at least PG-13.

8) Refrain from OOC drama. RP is for having fun.

9) Respect my KB and item rules: No avatars over 2,000 kb. Refrain from a lot of flashy animation.

10) Do not piss me off: I know this seems like a petty rule. But I am not a person who is angered easily (Just ask my other mods). And I won't really have much of a reason to be angry at you unless you break the above rules.

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