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~Welcome To The Darkness~

Greetings, If You Are Here Trying to Find Any Useful Info. That You Can Use To Try And Figure Me Out Then I'm Sorry To Tell You You've Wasted Your Time. I'm An Enigma Wrapped In A Riddle Shrouded in Mystery, You May Never Come To Figure Me Out But That's How I Want It. This Is But A Game And I Am The Game Master. If You Care To Challenge This then All I Can Say Is.......Let The Games Begin...... Have A bad day ^-^
~Some Quick Info:
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Contact Me Via Message If You Require Anything From Me (No I Wont Gift You Anything)
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~Status: Taken

æ­» Underworld [H2]æ­» Stygiusæ­» Underworld [C]æ­» Underworld [H]æ­» Taking Overæ­» Underworld [GB]
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