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Avatar since: 2006-12-21
Age: 31
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"Hiya! Come chat to me ^^"

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NOTE: For all those coming to my get together for my birthday, I might be a little late as I need to be somewhere right before 3, so it is postponed until 4 so I am actually there on time :D. I know it's a bit random but meh, life happens sometimes. *Hugs and kisses.*

*I am a total Harry Potter fanatic ^^*
*I play online games.*
*I will not cyber with you*
*I am a self proclaimed geek*
*I do not strip down to nothing*
*I don't like vain people.*
*If you treat me like a slut I will treat you like who you are, a bastard fuckwit*
*I like to listen to a whole song not change in the middle.*
*I don't like chatting to people who are stupid*
*I love stickers =P*
*I like people who can actually type*
*I love the smell of rain*
*I like cats*
*I HaTe ReAdInG ThIs AnNoYiNg StYlE oF WrItInG.*
*I love driving with the windows down and the music up*
*I play on MapleStory on the Khaini Server*
*I admire people who never say a bad word about anyone.*
*I know I'm a bit weird, I am told everyday.*
*I love to eat*
*I like to just sit and think sometimes.*
*I love the wind.*
*When I am bored I will draw or write something.*
*I love laughter.*
*I like calling people by nicknames that no one but me uses.*
*I hate not knowing what I want.*
*I like vegemite sandwiches.*
*I dislike annoying people*
*I don't keep my mouth shut when I don't like something.*
*I am intolerant of intolerant people.*
*I am rude to people who are rude to me*
*I giggle a lot*
*I don't like the feel of sunscreen on my hands.*
*I want to make love when it is raining.*
*You piss me off and I can be a real bitch*
*My favourite time of day is dawn and dusk.*
*I love making new friends*
*Gifts are good ^^*
*I am openminded about everything*
*I am just another straight person for gay rights*
*I am writing a novel*
*I love to chat to people*
*I love talking*
*I love listening.*
*Deep down I am a really shallow person*
*Any help with coding would be adored ^_^*
*I love being cosy and warm.*
*I am stubborn sometimes.*
*I love getting to know people.*
*If you are my friend I will help you otherwise get a life.*

I'm a weird sort of person but don't let that stop you from getting to know me. I only really like talking to one person at a time so if I decline a conversation with you it is probably because I am already talking to domeone or I am about to leave to do something. I love talking to people, all kinds of people, I don't really draw lines on age except for people younger than 16 but basically if you are 16+ I will be more than happy to talk to you. Oh and just as a note so you all know I don't have an access pass, as much as it pains me to say lol. I don't really have a need for it.

I would one day like to try my hand at being a dev but at the moment I don't have the first idea where to start, which is quite obvious =P, so any help would be greatly appreciated ^_^. Drop me a line if you have any advice. Hmm I think I have basically said everything that I could say by now. Though obviously if you want to get to know me there is this cool thing that lets you send messages to people. ~_^ It'd be great if I could get a few =P.

This is an awesome place to buy credits. I definitely recommend them ^^. Go for it, they are fantastic. They have great customer service and fantastic cheap prices.

Relationship Status: Single
My Wish List

This is just a list of things that I would like to get, like a shopping list so I remember all the things I want. You are under no obligation to get me anything but if you do keep in mind you will have my undying adoration ^^. As a note I haven't been through the entire catalog and if you see something I would like that I haven't got on my wishlist feel free to get it ^_^. Basically in all honesty I don't mind if you get me anything or not or even what you get me if you decide to. I just like presents :D.

Midnight Trista - CorsetTrista DressMidnight Beatrix TopKarin - Brown M/FBlizze - Brown M/F
[Dô Lawng PVC Top 2[M.M] X-mas Spirit (i)[T] IRIS Dress[Dô Gedreht DressRanger - Chasm
[Dô Express Expresso[Dô Triple Hard Dress 2[Dô Spewk Tunic+Tights-O- Black feather key[Dô Blahq Plastik
[7E]The Lady-Enchanting[Dô Cute Girls:Musicspacerspacerspacer
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These are the awesome people that have dropped in for a visit ^^. If you visit me I will do my best to come and check you out too :D. But just leave a message and I won't miss you =P.

Cool New People

I am not sure how cool these people are ^^ but check them out anyway :D.

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My Interests

These are what I am interested in, if you are too, leave me a comment. I definitely want to chat ^^.

wit, BLACK, love, Friends, dragons, writing, cats, angels, gay, Gold, darkness, demons, night, yaoi, guys, tigers, Family, australia, fiction, gaia, reading, icecream, Chatting, leo, novels
Special Someone
My bestest writing buddy :D

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Check out my products! I am also open for any requests that people would like. Include font type, colour and background colour if they apply. The default will be any font I like, white and on a transparent background. Also if you just want to drop by and leave some cool quotes it would be much appreciated ^^. Thanks guys. I hope you like them. Feel free to drop me a message if you have any queries :D.

*Heart**Earthquake**Dont Ever Want To Lose*
*Cute Is When**Hold Me**Lifetime*
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My Friends (27)

These are the awesome people who can put up with me and chat on various occasions. If you are up for chatting or even only into message tag add me ^^. Oh and it would be great if you tell me when you add me so I can add you back straight away rather than waiting for the next time I go through my buddy requests ^_^. Thanks.

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