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Don'T PreTenD To Be LiKe SoMeOnE foR oTheRs To AcCepT yOu.. JusT Be YoUrSeLF aNd yOu'LL bE aCcEpTeD!
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[RA]BlackHoody[RA]Head Signage-Food[RA]BlackRaveRoom (B)[RA]Black'nWhitePlants[RA]Black Billiards[RA]BlackBeachCouch
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One day, God saw me, crying... Then he asked why I'm lonely... I said "I need a friend..." Then he gave you to me, I asked God why you... And he said "I thought you were asking for an Angel..." Take care... Love ya My friend...
Memories of good friends are not forgotten for it's already a part of oneself... And you're one good friend that would stay here in my heart all the days of my life... Thank you for being there for me when I need it most... Love ya My friend...
No goodbyes and no farewells for us... Just a promise that no matter what happens... It will always be forever... Thanks for the gift of Friendship... Take care... Love ya My Friend...
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TheSe ArE The ThInGs I wAnT tO bUy FoR mYseLF... ThanK YoU vErY mUcH fOr ThOsE wHo WiLL GiFT iT To Me... ThanKs, FrOm ThE boTToM oF mY HeArT... c",)
:KT: veauty's Skin[ACS] MODERN WASITSU (B)*L ALT Suit: HippyLIZ La Femme - jacket[bq] Secrecy -boots-
[bq] Secrecy -jacket-Castle du Nuit Tomb[DD]Blades Fireblade:s4f hip hop dance fl[AS] Super Model 1
[SH] 10 Female Poses Two[bq] Secrecy -Pants-[SIN] SENSITIVE |SE1-6|[PL] SKIN [ARYAH] TANspacer
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ThE FoLLoWiNg ArE tHe BaNnErS FrOm ThE gRoUp I'm In...

Hot N Sexy Guys N Dolls

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Global Pinoy!

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AP Best Background and poses outfit contest

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Best Backgrounds and poses outfit contest

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Hot N Sexy Guys N Dolls-AP

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Top Graphic Designers United

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~IMVU Lesbian Mafia~

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VisNova's PoseCentral

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Whatever Life Gives You, Even If Hurts You, Just Be Strong... Act Like The Way You Always Do, Coz Strong Walls Will Shake But Will Never Collapse...
Hello friendz... Might wanna check out my public rooms, it's called Rose's Island-FEMALE ONLY!!! and Black AP Club-FEMALE ONLY!!! I have to warn u coz my rules are "NO cybering, NO MEN, be nice, pls. ask music before playing, love ur KB's..." But none the less, have fun!!!

Rose's Island-FEMALE ONLY!!!
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Black AP Club-FEMALE ONLY!!!

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