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“I have found my star. She is beauty and grace. Elegance and goodness. My laughter in winter. She is courageous and strong. Bold and tempting. Unlike any other in all the universe, and I cannot touch her. I dare not even try." [Zarek]”

I'm a mother of 2 and grandmother of 6. VERY happily married. I like to read paranormal Romance novels. I like Role play, and I like to dev. If you wish something custom made I will do my best. I do very little clothing but Rooms, Furniture, Hairstyles and jewelry I am pretty good at deving. Just drop me a message of drop by on of my public rooms.

TriniWolf, StarRavingMoose, JasperDAngelus, JerichoBennett, NikolaiDAngelus, Celastine, Cypher, ThorneWolf, SashaLykos, MarkoCarpathian, FflurRoyalHealer, MaverickHughes,LyricaCalloway,SavitarChthonian, AkriAcheronDH, StyxxDidymos, xXKylerDeVashXx, IAmMyOwnArt, TalilaDaniels, JadenDemonBroker, KadeonFireDemon, ReginChaseValkyrie, RaineLocke, MelodyDAngelus,CelesteHayes, KenziWolf, EnyaOrion, NaomiHughes2, PatrikaHayes,and ZarekDH; My family My Loves.

ZarekDH, TriniWolf, ThorneWolf, JerichoBennett, You will ALWAYS be in my heart.
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