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Avatar since: 06/24/04

Age: 39
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Relationship Status: Good
Orientation: Left-handed
Looking For: My sanity
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My Interests
Interests... well these are just some of the things I like, not necessarilly what I'm "interested" in... but if you catch me at the right time, I'll talk about just about anything, not just the things in this list.

Also, since IMVU still messes up the multi-word "interests"; I want to learn to play the saxamaphone (not gonna happen), I like playing shooters (first or third person doesn't matter to me), I'm horrible at racing games, RPGs bore me, I LOVE hot showers (I set the shower at around 45-50°C)... and I think that's it.

Just ask if there's anything else you want to know :)

Movies, music, msn, photography, coffee, Chatting, sleeping, Photoshop, dvds, XBox 360, ps3, hot showers, indesign
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Yes, my wishlist is empty. That means that, as much as I do appreciate the gesture, you should not buy me gifts.
Instead, spend your credits on someone who will actually use what you give them :)
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