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I don't really log on here anymore so text me on Skype: A. Eleanor B.
Relationship Status: Single

1) What is your name?
I enjoy keeping my true name a secret.

2) If you like to read, do you have any favorite genres?
I enjoy fantasy and satirical works, along with the occasional science fiction story.

3) Do you play any games? Console or computer? And what?
I play mostly console games. RPGs, fighting, and racing games are among my favorites.

4) Have you completed college? What did you study?
I am a college graduate, and have two Bachelor's degrees. One of them is in Criminal Justice and the other is for completing a double major in Philosophy and English: Writing. I have also completed a minor in Graphic Design.

5) What kind of music do you like to listen to?
I love music, and I don't stick to any one genre.

6)Do you know what the Burning Daystar is? Do you see it on a regular basis?
The Burning Daystar is the object in the sky which, when it rises, means I should go to bed.

7) Can you tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi?

8) What is your quest?
To gain all worldly and otherworldly knowledge in order to fully comprehend the universe and its meaning.

On IMVU, I will typically be either myself, Rinikex (my "Kingdom Hearts" OC), Sollux from "Homestuck" (or a female equivalent I created named Sollia), Nunavut (my "Hetalia" OC), or one of three characters from "Hetalia" (Canada, Russia, or Prussia).

My Nobody

Name: Rinikex
Code-Name: "Sorrow's Archer"
Affliation: Organization XIII
Gender: Female
Race: Nobody
Hair Color: Russet
Hair Length: Shoulder-Length
Hair Texture: Straight
Eye Color: Hazel
Complexion: Pale
Elemental Affinity: Salt
Weapon: Crossbow and Salt Crystal Arrows

Backstory: Once there was, and once there was not, a young woman named Inkeri Veol. She was an unusual child, interested in exploring dark places, gaining knowledge that might frighten others, and silence. Yes, she loved music, but small talk was never her thing. It was said that Inkeri once had a bright smile, but as she aged, it was seen less and less. Her parents were never close to the rest of the family, and what little is known is that they were not too fond of each other either. And then, one day, they disappeared, apparently taking Inkeri with them.

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S; Bonnie KiniS; Bonnie EarsS; Bonnie TailS; Bonnie BowTieS; Freddy Eyes

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